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Okiana Designs is proud to offer SEO services provided by Holly Klaasen of HerSEO™


Our goal is to provide affordable SEO for small businesses; we understand that you don't have thousands of dollars for SEO help. We are happy to work within your budget, to mix and match services to ensure you receive the biggest return on your investment.

Do-It-Yourself SEO

For those with the desire to be hands-on, and save some money in the process, we offer 'Do-It-Yourself SEO' (we tell you what to do - you do it!). Please see below for package descriptions and prices.

Full Service SEO

We also offer full-service SEO, if you don't have the time (or desire) to do the optimization yourself. Starting at $800*, we will do a complete optimization of your site, including meta tags, title tags, images, internal linking structure, all based on the keywords we select.

Full-service SEO also includes a linking campaign (listings in online directories and relevant websites), set up of Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, and creation and submission of a sitemap to Google, Yahoo and MSN,

(*for small non e-commerce site; please email for more info)

Standard SEO package - $250

  • Detailed review of your site from a search engine's perspective
  • Analysis of your meta tags, and recommendations on how to improve them
  • Specific recommendations for optimizing 3 main pages of your site
  • Recommendations regarding internal linking structure (very powerful for increasing rankings!)
  • Recommendation regarding any 'red flags' that may be hindering the search engines from finding or indexing your site
  • Creation and submission of .xml sitemap to Google, Yahoo and MSN Live to ensure that search engines are able to access all pages on your site
  • Set up of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster on your site; brief report on initial findings and explanation of how to use these tools
  • Give list of 10 handpicked high ranking potential link partners

*We highly recommend the keyword package below before completing the Standard SEO package, unless you feel confident in the keywords/terms you are currently working with.

Keyword discovery and analysis package - $179

  • Gather an extensive list of keywords and terms that describe your products or services
  • Gather an extensive list of keywords and terms that describe your products or services
  • Evaluate how difficult it will be to rank for them (why waste your time if they're too difficult?)
  • Analyze terms for popularity (why try to rank for a term that no one searches for?)
  • Provide full list of terms researched
  • Evaluate and recommend top keyterms to determine highest relevance, and thus bring most highly relevant traffic (more likely to buy)
  • Recommend top 15-20 keyterms for your site
  • Recommend blog and/or article topics which are likely to bring in relevant traffic
  • Provide suggestions and explanation as to how to increase traffic using keywords on your site; including use of header tags, alt image tags, anchor text, meta tags, etc.

Linking Strategy Package - $129

  • A list of at least 20 quality, high pagerank (i.e. ‘important’) websites that are likely to link to your site (you need to ask!)
  • A list of quality web directories for you to submit your site to
  • Strategies for getting unsolicited links to your site (‘link bait’)
  • Tips on how to evaluate potential link partners (If you get involved in a bad link neighborhood, the search engines can penalize your site!!)
  • An email template for requesting links
  • AND, we will tell you an SEO secret about linking that will guarantee you receive links (and you can even choose what the links say!)

Writing/Rewriting Site Copy With an Eye to SEO - $65-100

  • Rewriting one page of your site (other than homepage), incorporating chosen keywords. Content will always be written to appeal to your website visitors, while making sure to include keywords/terms in such a way that search engines can ‘grab’ onto them. Includes optimization of meta tags, header tags and images - $65
  • Rewriting homepage of your site (see above for details) - $85
  • Writing one page of your site (other than homepage) from scratch, incorporating chosen keywords and optimizing meta tags, header tags, and images - $85
  • Writing homepage of your site from scratch (see above for details) - $100
  • If you do not already have a list of keywords you would like to use, keyword research package (see above) is highly recommended. Otherwise, basic keyword research for one page can be added on for an additional $50/hr (average 1 hour)

Google Analytic Tools Package - $50

Set up of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster on your site. This will allow you to track how visitors find and use your site, and how Google views your site. Will provide instructions on how to use these tools and a brief overview of initial findings provided by the tools.

  • If you would like any additional analytics software installed on your site, such as Site Meter or Stat Counter, this can be done for an additional $25 or in place of Google Analytics.

Analytics Report - $75

Have no idea how many visitors you're getting, or how they're finding you? Would you like to know what keywords people are currently finding your site with? Don't know how to access these stats with your web host's log file software or any other analytics software that's already set up? We will provide a detailed report answering all these questions!



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